Thursday, December 1, 2011

JKAT's Blog Has Moved!!

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Friday, September 16, 2011

In the Beginning


This is my favorite part of working on waxes: roughing it all out. I don’t have to rely on precision, it’s all about getting a feel for the overall shape and dimensions. That, and lots of wax shavings flying all around. This stage is fast, furious and freeing. I always get a bit nervous about going onto the next stage. Refining a wax requires me to go into my macro world and every single stroke matters. It seems so intimidating when you’re not in it, but I know that once I get to that point I’ll change my mind and I’ll crave that world until I’m finished.

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Stylemax in Chicago

I had a chance to take the El downtown this weekend to visit our new sales rep, Marci Lorts of Marci & Company, in the Merchandise Mart during Stylemax. It was fun taking the train...I'm always so impressed with Chicago when I get to observe it from the El. And, to this day, I still get excited when I see the Merchandise Mart & realize - Hey, I do business in this awesome building! :)

Here's a shot of the river that runs along the Mart.



Marci did a great job displaying our the shelving! I am so happy that we're partnered up with Marci & Co.

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

JKAT's in the Autry Museum Store

JKAT Jewelry is available at the Autry National Center Museum store located in Griffith Park, Los Angeles.  The Autry is an amazing organization that has a museum filled with historical art and artifacts of the West, two research libraries, public programs and educational services.  Their aim is to bring together the stories of all the people of the American West, make obvious the connections that we all have and to inspire our shared future.  Having grown up in California myself, I can attest to the sense of freedom that the American West brings to individuals.  There is a can do attitude that permeates the air; the sun shines and the ocean undulates a rhythm that convinces even the most cynical that anything can be achieved if you just put your mind to it.  The Autry is an institution that serves as a reminder that we should all support one another and in so doing, we expand our worldview and enrich our own lives and the lives of others.  We’re so happy to be a part of this organization!

If you’re going to be in the area, be sure to check the Autry Center & store.

The Autry National Center

4700 Western Heritage Way
Los Angeles, CA 90027-1462

Phone:  323.667.2000

Visit JKAT at:

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

JKAT's in the San Jose Museum of Art store!

We are so thrilled that JKAT is available at the San Jose Museum of Art store.  This museum is a super cool modern & contemporary art museum.  Their art, actions and ideals reflect the independent thinking of modern art and the socially conscious views of contemporary art.  They were established in 1969 and have a history steeped in community service.  The museum has an art education program that serves over 130,000 people a year.  How awesome is that? 

I love that they’re based in Silicon Valley, an area teeming with an unbridled sense of innovation and creativity as evidenced in the remarkable technological advances that have been born there.  The museum definitely feeds off the community’s energy and, as their mission statement says, “engages audiences with the art of our time and the vitality of the creative process.”  We here at JKAT are proud to be a part of this museum that truly lives on the pulse of our society as we know it.  

If you’re in San Jose, be sure to check out this museum & their store for fabulous gifts!

San Jose Museum of Art

110 South Market Street

San Jose, CA      95113

Tel:   408.271.6840

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

JKAT Jewelry in California Gift Show promo

JKAT Atomic Sunrise Necklace

We are so pleased that the California Gift Show chose to use a picture of our Blue Moon Sunrise Necklace in their promo for the tradeshow coming up in July!  See their promo here.

We are really excited about this upcoming market.  We are in the Beckman's West Handmade division in the LA Mart (booth 108) and we'll have some awesome new totally eco-friendly pieces making their debut.  In fact, JKAT uses 100% recycled silver in all our sculpted pieces.  Get that relaxed California look with JKAT & rest assured that you're taking part in a movement that is future friendly.

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Friday, April 30, 2010

JKAT at Fashion Chicago Exclusive Designer Event

Fashion Chicago was hosted by and the Stitches fashion program of the Chicago Entrepreneurial Center. This event was filled with awesome Chicago designers & I met so many great people here. It was held in a really cool gallery space on Huron in River North. I love the loft-like feel.

Thanks to all my new & existing customers for making it a great night!

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