Sunday, October 26, 2008

What is Studio Jewelry?

Hello everyone! Welcome to our blog....

We are Joni Kat Anderson & Matthew Cohen, the owners and designers of JKAT Jewelry. We are really excited to have a new way to interact with all you JKAT aficionados! We want to share with you all the behind the scenes aspects of what goes into what we do...and we want to hear from you too, so feel free to comment.

So, what is Studio Jewelry?
We feel that at its core, it's about artistry and creation with total control over the art, keeping the whole process as close to home as possible. This fosters a strong sense of individuality and style which we value highly. We don't follow the trends, we make what we feel are classic designs. We do what we think is cool. We design every JKAT piece and Joni sculpts each one in wax, giving her personal touch to each design.

We are proud to keep all of our design and production in the USA. We understand the temptation to outsource the manufacturing to other countries, but we choose to keep our work here. We love taking our design concepts from the beginning to the finished product. This also allows us to be extremely efficient, since we don't waste time waiting for orders from overseas factories.

This is what we believe lies at the heart of Studio Jewelry. We have a passion for creating our own pieces. Each one is a sculpture and a representation of our design aesthetic. We saw that what we wanted didn't exist in the world, so we made it exist. That is what Studio Jewelry is, and that is what JKAT is all about.


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